Marble and apricots

Market - Culture - Festival

from 5 to 6 august 2023

Friday 4 August 2023

7 pm Exhibition opening in the Marx Church of Laas
Ernst Müller " Landscapes" The melodies of colors
Saturday 5th + Sunday 6th August 2023

The m&m market

41 market stalls along the Vinschgaustraße offer apricots, crafts made from Laas marble, and typical products from Vinschgau and South Tyrol. The market extends this year from the Peernstadel over the Church to the Marble World of Laas!

Festival area Peernstadel

The traditional music band of Laas (Musikkapelle) and the members of the Sport association from Laas-Raiffeisen serve in the cool natural stone walls, refreshing drinks, apricot specialties, homemade apricot cakes, and much, much more.

Festival area Santl

the “Schützen” of the Laas Company will prepare tasty grilled chicken on a wooden grill, in a demonstration kitchen visitors will be surprised with tasty dishes and refreshing drinks that will definitely quench your thirst. This festival area is also operated by ASC-Laas Raiffeisen and the music band of Laas.

Festival area - Marble World of Laas

In the special ambience of the Marble World of Laas you will not only find the marble bar with refreshing drinks, but also dishes to snack. Away from the lively market hustle and rush, you also have the opportunity to visit the open-air museum: a special exhibition of artistic sculptures from the last marble symposium. Thereby you will get a fascinating insight into the history of the marble of Laas.

Start of the marble guided tours (see guided tours)

NEW: m&m children's play area with numerous games and crafts with marble!

Music on Saturday, 5.8.2023

Festival area Peernstadel

11.00 -15.00 o'clock the Laaser Böhmische
15.30 to 19.30 o'clock the Pflerer Gitschn

at the market

Throughout the day, Andrew`s Music Project plays -at different places.
14.00 - 18.00 Nadine Theis -a young ziachorgel player from Laas- plays at different places

Festival area Santl

11.00 - 20.00 modern music genres

Music on Sunday, 6.8.2023

Festival area Peernstadel

11.00 - 15.00 Group Holzklang with Florin Pallhuber
15.00 - 19.00 Arton Duo with Mattia Demetz (Harmonika Junior World Champion 2013)

at the market

Andrew`s Music Project - plays at different places
14.00 - 18.00 the Ortwein-Musi of Gernot Niederfriniger plays at different places

Festival area Santl

11.00 - 20.00 modern music genres


open during the festival hours*:

Marxkirche: Ernst Müller " Landscapes" The Melodies of Colors

Lechnerstadel: Art in the Hay barn

Marmorwelt: Marble history in the open-air museum

Fachschule für Steinbearbeitung:* Exhibition room open on Sunday, 6.8.2023 from 11.00-18.00

Guided tours/tastings

Marble experience tour on m&m weekend.

Meeting point: Marmorwelt Laas
Sat. 05.08 and Sun. 06.08 at 11/13/15/17 h (German) and at 14/16 h (Italian) and at 14/16 o'clock (italian)
Special price for m&m: 8 €

Tasting of fruit distillates and liqueurs at the fruit farm Fohlenhof

Sat. 5.8. and Sun. 06.08. at 17.00 o'clock, and every Thursday at 17.00.
(Registration requested). More Information on tel. +39 335 6932000

Children's program, fun & games

Sat. 05. and Sun. 06 August 2023 - NEW in the Laas Marble World

The play area is open during the entire festival from 11 am - 7 pm.
In addition, games supervision for each Sat. and Sun. from 11-17 clock:
Knocking apricot pits, playing in the Laas marble sandbox.
Children can make a marble pendant with children.
Various entertainment games are offered.

sale of apricots

at various booths of the m&m market on Saturday 05.08. and Sunday 06.08.

Apricot specialities weeks

from Sat. 29.07. - Mon. 15.08.2023

Restaurant Zur Krone - Laas

Restaurant Zur Sonne - Laas

Restaurant Sonneck - Allitz

Pizzeria Odler - Laas


Marble village Laas